Sunday, December 7, 2014

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 4, Episode 10 “Girl-Fight” (B-)

This wasn’t a terrible episode, but it was nothing like last week in terms of genuine funniness. The notion of a “girl-fight” wasn’t as entertaining as perhaps it was meant to be, though seeing all of the characters act passive-aggressively towards each other did produce a few laughs. Schmidt is at his best when he’s ridiculous and determined but not too outrageous, and he straddled that line in this episode as he obsessed over interfering in Jess and Cece’s business and spending time with his eternal crush when he should just have stayed away. Thought it does recall the surprisingly successful incident of Schmidt’s penis getting broken, I’m not a particularly big fan of Cece’s now-pregnant roommate. Winston got a good moment in when he got to punch Schmidt and Coach back to reality when they started having a girl-fight of their own prompted by Jess and Cece’s tactful revenge for their interference in their quarrel. Winston avoiding studying is a typical Winston plotline, one not too relevant to anything else and enabling him to, as always, be the odd man out. Nick’s storyline was a bit more exciting, mainly because it paired him with a romantic interest truly made for him, a relative of his good friend Tran and someone who appreciates antisocial behavior just as much as he does. Getting paid by his rich new girlfriend to not go to work is definitely weird, but I guess it’s not too abnormal for Nick, and should prove interesting and different while it lasts.

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