Thursday, December 18, 2014

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 4, Episode 11 “Krieg Nicht Lieb” (C+)

I’m starting to question whether this was all worth it, and that’s never a good way to feel about a show’s second-to-last episode of the season. Historically, those are often the best, since all the tensions build and a show is at its strongest right before it wraps everything up going into a break. This episode had just one single focus, forgetting about Saul and nearly omitting Lockhart, who is seen in just one scene discussing how he’s been cut out of the loop as the agency shops for his replacement. Carrie got the news that her father died at a moment in which it should probably have affected her more, but instead all it did was give Max a reason to want to give her a hug despite how much he hated her for never giving Fara any positive affirmation before allowing her to be killed. One would think that Carrie has lost enough people to be just as determined as Quinn to kill Haqqani no matter the cost, and it tracks with the CIA’s actual extermination of Osama Bin Laden that hunting down and killing someone who is directly responsible for great losses of the United States would in fact be a priority. Instead, Quinn becomes a commando and even shoots one of Carrie’s men trying to stay focused on his solo mission. And then, in the middle of a chaotic and foreboding protest, we get a surprise that no one saw coming, mainly because, on the face of it, it doesn’t make any sense. I’m not sure how Khan would know who Adar Dal is and know that Carrie would also understand the significance of him being in the car with Haqqani. This is going to require some seriously sound logic to be believed, and I’m not talking about the kind that rationalized Carrie spending a few episodes in a mental institution.

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