Sunday, December 10, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Gifted

The Gifted: Season 1, Episode 9 “outfoX” (B)

There’s so much talk of action from the team of mutants that it’s good to see them actually do something about it, even if it didn’t end up going well at all for our friends. I’m a fan of openness and honesty when it comes to characters telling each other what’s going on, and therefore it was a relief to hear Reed reveal the horrible truth about his grandparents and for Caitlin to decide that the kids needed to know too. The flashback to Andy and Lauren realizing that something crazy had happened when they held hands a year earlier after she fell off the skateboard showed that they really do have something special, and Caitlin suggesting that they test out their powers in the vault was a helpful exercise. They were almost ready to put them to use and take the whole building down before, surprisingly, Andy was the one who said they couldn’t since they would kill so many people. The sight of them arrested is highly disconcerting, and I’m curious to see if their powers are somehow strong enough that they can manage to use them even with the dampeners on. For all his hotheadedness, Agent Turner is a skilled agent, and he was able to deduce just who Polaris and Dreamer had targeted for access and track them down right away. With just one episode left before this show goes on hiatus for a month or so, I’m hopeful that we’ll see an action-packed siege that leads to an ending that can set this show on a clear new course for the future.

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