Monday, December 18, 2017

What I’m Watching: SMILF

SMILF: Season 1, Episode 6 “Chocolate Pudding and a Cooler of Gatorade” (B+)

This is my first time writing about this show since it scored surprise Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress and Best Comedy Series. While I do like this show, I didn’t expect it to be rewarded since it just started and hasn’t quite established itself or determined what it is. This episode was a prime example, opening with narration about Bridgette being a famous basketball player before revealing that she had been invited to try out for the WNBA, an audition which included an imagined synchronized routine, the kind of device this show sometimes uses but not consistently. Ally was quick to dismiss her chances because of her height, and it seems like that played a lot more into it than the lack of her ritual lemon water. She can work on her BEEF as much as he wants, but she’s not going to make the cut when she’s competing with women who can dunk. Rafi clearly has a complicated relationship with his own family, and his connection to his priest friend from the gym is turning into something other than he thought it was also. Tutu got a big spotlight in this episode when she tracked down Edmond and got dressed up to go to the dentist. He didn’t seem to have any issue having sex with her in his chair, and it was only after she told him that she wanted a bed next time that she realized he had gotten his matching tattoo removed, ruining the experience for her. Bridgette telling her mom that she was nauseous about the thought of being her age and not having done a lot with her life came out much meaner than I think she meant, but I suspect it won’t take much to repair that relationship.