Saturday, December 30, 2017

What I’m Watching: SMILF

SMILF: Season 1, Episode 7 “Family-Sized Popcorn & a Can of Wine” (B+)

There’s often not a lot of ground covered in each of this show’s episodes, but they still work pretty well as small vignettes of the parenting and relationship challenges Bridgette experiences on a daily basis. Trying to potty train Larry didn’t go all that well, and she had normal frustrations when it came to that as she tried to be enthusiastic and encouraging without getting too invested in the likelihood of his progress. Bringing Larry to a horror movie definitely wasn’t the smartest idea, and they rightly got yelled at by the guy behind them for that mistake. On the bus, strangers were a bit more forgiving when she loudly realized that she had forgotten to feed him breakfast and lunch. Bridgette is far from the worst television mother, and her occasional lack of awareness and forgetfulness are forgivable given her sweet intent to make the world a great place for her son. Rafi is more than a bit distracted at the moment, unable to process what happened the night before, and I’m curious to see where that’s going to lead since he too is a good guy in a strong relationship with a nice woman who would surely have a whole lot of trouble handling what the idea of him being attracted to another man means for them. This show’s inaugural season is only eight episodes, which means that the season finale airs tomorrow night, so let’s hope for a memorable and entertaining conclusion that wraps things up well enough while getting us excited for season two.