Tuesday, December 5, 2017

What I’m Watching: Mindhunter

Mindhunter: Season 1, Episode 8 (B+)

This was an interesting and unsettling episode, especially in an age where allegations about misconduct are rampant and, at least lately, the accusers are starting to be widely believed. In this case, there isn’t any evidence of wrongdoing, but rather what Holden sees as a very applicable real-world example of how behavior can be used in a predictive context. It was intriguing to see how Holden had to tone down the content of what he wanted to say, using the word “disturbing” as an imperfect euphemism for “deviant,” prompting teachers to come talk to him about something they would classify as disturbing practiced regularly by the very man who brought Holden in. Tickling is far more innocuous than much of what graces the headlines today, and both Bill and Wendy were quick to dismiss Holden as trying to impugn the reputation of a man whose record has no blemishes on it. The fact that a teacher was perceived as having “extra time” because she wasn’t married is fortunately one notion that isn’t nearly as prominent in today’s society, though those who fight the system do still encounter consider resistance and attempts to discredit them. Bill and Holden have experienced a real split after Bill decided he wasn’t going to continue with one subject, and Holden’s opinion isn’t being taken at all into account for their new hire, leading him to contribute his unsolicited thoughts. Holden’s jealousy of Debbie was not becoming, though it does seem that he was right to be worried.

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