Saturday, January 26, 2019

What I’m Watching: Counterpart

Counterpart: Season 2, Episode 6 “Twin Cities” (A-)

Every time I watch this show, I feel like I need to be broadcasting its existence as widely as possible. This episode was the latest superb backstory reveal that filled in some important questions in the most intriguing and incredible way. Samuel Roukin turned in a formidable double performance as the young Yanek, who caused an accident that allowed his two selves to come face-to-face, arguing about who created who. Understanding that he worked with his other to test what was going on was fascinating, particularly when they made the decision to start an experiment by having them do something different, giving a gift to one daughter and not the other. Realizing that Mira listening to that tape in one world was what made her come out too late to find his son already so far gone in his seizure that he couldn’t be saved was devastating, and it clearly led to that Janek’s undoing. Seeing the two teams come together and express first wonder at their similarities and then grow apart was mesmerizing. I immediately recognized Ivanno Jeremiah from “Humans” as the young Juma, whose older self we met earlier this season. The creation of the biological weapon as a safeguard because its mere ideation meant that the other side might be doing the same was an unfortunate precedent to what we’ve now confirmed led to an unclear release, the effects of which were truly abysmal for the other side. Mira turning herself in doesn’t seem like it will go simply or peacefully, but I’m completely captivated to see what happens next.

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