Sunday, January 20, 2019

What I’m Watching: I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry: Season 2, Episode 2 “Quietly Bleeding” (B+)

I enjoyed the opening scene of this hour in which Andrea was waiting at the supermarket with a random young guy for the condoms to be unlocked. That uncomfortable moment led to another great scene in this half-hour where Adam Scott from “Parks and Recreation” played her gynecologist, who happened to be Steve, Mike’s camp counselor, who was more than happy to catch up casually in the middle of her exam, something that did not sit well with Andrea at all. The realization that Andrea and Mike are on separate islands was a helpful return to reality for the two of them, but of course she dealt with it through comedy, joking about divorce while Mike suggested that therapy was probably a better first option. Sharon insisting the Mike was the best thing that ever happened to her was entertaining, and she definitely does have an inappropriate fixation on her son-in-law. The couple did manage to get back on track after seeing horrifying gender stereotypes in other people and then springing into action when the guy got a serious head wound during his story. Telling his wife that yes, she should ride in the ambulance with him was a great moment. Olive learning how to read isn’t good for anyone, and there were unfortunate implications that came about like her telling the dentist Andrea thought his breath was bad and her newfound ability to recognize words that her parents used to be able to spell without her knowing. You learn something new every day, like how “feisting” means being crazy.

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