Tuesday, January 22, 2019

SAG Winner Predictions: Best Female Actor in a Drama Series

The competition: Julia Garner’s young criminal (Ozark), Laura Linney’s loyal wife (Ozark), Elisabeth Moss’ trapped mother (The Handmaid’s Tale), Sandra Oh’s determined investigator (Killing Eve), and Robin Wright’s cutthroat politician (House of Cards).

For your information: This is the fifth consecutive nomination for Wright, whose show is now over, and she also has two previous film nominations. Moss was nominated last year and twice before that for “Mad Men” and once for “Top of the Lake.” Linney was nominated last year, has two film nominations and won in 2008 for the miniseries “John Adams.” Oh has three wins, for 2004 as part of the film ensemble of “Sideways,” for 2005 for her individual performance on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and in 2006 as part of that show’s ensemble. She has no other previous individual bids, but did take home both the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award recently. This is Garner’s first time contending at SAG. Garner, Linney, and Moss are all nominated as part of their ensembles. Two nominees from the same show in this category aren’t uncommon, and, on a few occasions, one of them triumphs. Last year’s winner, Claire Foy, isn’t here since her show didn’t air and she’s no longer starring on it anyway.

Who should win? I liked Garner’s work in the first season of her show and wasn’t as impressed by Linney, though I haven’t seen either of them this season. Wright bothered me immensely in the final year of her show. Oh is good but not as strong as her snubbed costar Jodie Comer. I’m all for Moss, who was terrific, though her equally excellent costar Yvonne Strahovski should be here too.

Who will win? I’m worried it’s going to be Oh but I’ll still predict Moss.

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