Thursday, January 10, 2019

What I’m Watching: God Friended Me

God Friended Me: Season 1, Episode 12 “Ready Player Two” (B-)

Since this show has been on hiatus, I had a chance to see the film spoofed by this episode’s title, and the minimum coding and hacking featured in this hour didn’t compare to the onslaught of technology and pop culture references that made that film what it is. Rakesh managed to get completely played by Pria when she pretended not to really understand how to read code and then disappeared with the flash drive. Though it all worked out as it always does, this time it was Cara who got to overstep even more than Miles, taking Heidi’s information and plugging it in to find out who were birth parents were when she made very clear that wasn’t what she wanted. Them having died just two months earlier was the predictable mid-episode setback that led to the revelation that, not only does Heidi have a sister, but she also has a niece. Arthur having been there when she was dropped off was most likely included to help ease his transition to fully believing that his son is doing God’s work. Somehow, Cara’s mom telling Miles to plan a birthday party for her didn’t go badly, but it did help to end Miles’ relationship with a woman he obviously doesn’t want to spend as much time with as he does with Cara. Simon Hayes buying the company that Miles and Rakesh work at to demonstrate his omnipotence is a twist that tries to ground this show far too much in its plot that isn’t anywhere near as compelling as its overarching idea that relies on supernatural influence.

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