Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What I’m Watching: I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry: Season 2, Episode 3 “Barbara T. Warren” (B+)

It shouldn’t have as a surprise that a topic like death would be raised by Amelia, and, as usual, Andrea and Mike paused to think about what they should say before presenting what probably seemed at the time like an innocuous answer. I don’t know who Rich Eisen is, but obviously his presence and his problematic party favor were irritating enough to all the parents in spite of his celebrity status. Amelia loudly telling her mom that the old man at the supermarket was going to die soon was plenty awkward (also, interesting that Andrea shops at Cambridge Farms, a fully kosher supermarket in the valley in Los Angeles), but I preferred her excitement about picking out her room when she got to move in with her uncle, played by Nelson Franklin, who I had forgotten that we had seen before on this show. Sharon telling him that she was very proud of him had both her children reeling for the eventual reveal of her actual thoughts, in a scene that really made them seem believable as siblings. Andrea joking about Rob taking off his pants so that she could get the money she needed to pay for the coffee was uncomfortable, a realization that comedy out in the real world doesn’t always work if the right audience isn’t there, and then things went way too far when a joke about fellatio played out in a very literal way that no one was expecting. It’s never a good sign when Andrea is the shocked one.

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