Friday, January 4, 2019

What I’m Watching: Homecoming

Homecoming: Season 1, Episode 7 “Test” (B+)

Julia Roberts and Stephan James may be nominated for Golden Globes, but supporting actor Shea Whigham also picked up a mention at the Critics’ Choice Awards. He’s a terrific actor who has stood out in smaller parts like that of Nucky Thompson’s brother on “Boardwalk Empire,” and this is a good, subtle spotlight for him. Falling down after he approached Gloria and complaining that everyone thinks he’s a cog demonstrated his vulnerability, and he was able to get Gloria to warm up to him once he showed her that he didn’t think Cruz did anything wrong. Heidi was not at all happy to find him back at her house helping to fix her mother’s record player, and his persistence just got both of them very upset. It seemed like there was a moment where Heidi might have been able to connect the dots and realize that the man she believes to be Hunter is in fact her former boss Colin, but now she’s in a car headed to find him without getting that she’s already with him. The most unsettling moment of the episode came when Heidi casually referenced the Titanic sequel and Cruz responded without any knowledge of the invented film. Colin seemed so thrilled to hear that he had completely lost that memory, and this seems like the divergent point when Heidi might start to think she’s in the wrong line of work and Colin, or someone higher up than him, begins dosing her as well so that she won’t prove to be a threat.

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