Sunday, January 27, 2019

What I’m Watching: SMILF (Season Premiere)

SMILF: Season 2, Episode 1 “Shit Man, I’ve Literally Failed” (B+)

I think I had forgotten that this show existed, reminded only by advertisements before other Showtime series and every time I see Frankie Shaw as I’m finishing up the first season of “Homecoming.” I’ll admit that the way that this season’s episodes are titled is incredibly clever, addressing the fact that people hated the name of the show in a head-on way that explains just how creative the acronym can be. Bridget is someone who right now is pretty much letting life happen to her, getting a massage from the woman who lives where her father used to and then finding out from the hoarder whose bathroom she wanted to use during her stepfather’s funeral that he had died a while back, just before, as she put it, she was about to find him. She did take a more active role in attempting to influence the world around her right before she lost her wallet and she confronted a guy interacting with his daughter by pretending to be a roaming child psychologist. The TSA agent telling her that she would have to shoot her if she tried to get by was entertainingly blunt, and I was most impressed that she flew on Spirit Airlines and they were still willing to try to help her. Dealing with her own issues, Bridget wasn’t exactly sympathetic to her mother’s loss, and the priest knew what he was in for with this family, having to apologize to all potentially offended minority members after Zaggy’s nickname-filled eulogy. I wasn’t sure I’d be excited about watching this show, but I think I’m intrigued enough after this premiere.

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