Friday, January 25, 2019

What I’m Watching: Homecoming

Homecoming: Season 1, Episode 9 “Work” (B+)

We’ve been waiting all season to figure out what happened between Heidi and Cruz, and while we still haven’t seen it happen, this episode provided an incredible clue that helps to explain so much of this. Heidi has never been great about boundaries with Cruz, and for some reason she thought that, after he told her that maybe Shrier would be able to deploy again with him, it was a good idea to go have lunch in the cafeteria with him, something that is not allowed. Her walking into the kitchen to prepare two plates of that week’s marked food, much to the shock of everyone standing there, confirmed that she was the one who decided to dose herself, so overcome with guilt for what she had participated in that she couldn’t live with it. The foreboding music that accompanied so many scenes in this episode was legitimate, since Colin got that maniacal look in his eye during their very first interview and then every bite of the gnocchi that Heidi took was a purposeful action meant to serve as atonement, and punishment, for her actions. Heidi didn’t think Ellen understood when she admitted that she knew whatever she was working on was fishy the whole time, and it seems that Colin’s wife is also more aware of what he’s up to than might have been assumed by how little we’ve seen them interacting. That box where they write down things they don’t want to tell each other seems like the riskiest blackmail fodder I’ve ever seen. Carrasco’s boss didn’t appear to be impressed by what he was telling her, which makes sense if she’s on the Geist payroll, and now he’s gone too. I’m eager to see how things wrap up in the finale.

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