Thursday, August 5, 2021

Emmy Catch-Up: Emily in Paris

Every year, I watch the six submitted episodes of every series I don’t regularly watch that’s up for one of the Emmy series prizes. Last year, I started watching the entire season of each show to get a better idea of the quality I missed, and I’ve decided to continue that this year. 

Emily in Paris: Season 1, Episode 3 “Sexy or Sexist” (B+)

Emily is doing absolutely nothing to make her time in Paris any easier, and you’d think that Madeline would at least have realized that sending over their corporate commandments would be met with considerable, which of course it was. But Emily is slowly getting the hang of things, getting a rather inappropriate cake for Luc to show him that she has a sense of humor and earning some solid publicity for her poll idea about the ad. Unfortunately, she’s gotten herself in way over her head with Antoine buying her lingerie and showing her so much public affection and attention, the only thing that could possibly make Sylvie hate her more than she already does. Seeing an ad being filmed with a woman walking completely naked is definitely not the kind of thing that Americans are used to, but, aside from trying to learn French, Emily isn’t doing all that much to attempt to assimilate to the culture in which she’s arrived. Her translation-based flirtation with a guy at Mindy’s dinner party seemed to be going well until he showed her a cruder side of his European self than she wanted to meet, and Gabriel, who is generous enough to be lending her his shower, is probably the better fit for her anyway. I still suspect that Doug isn’t completely out of the picture, and that things are going to get considerably rockier and more unpredictable just as soon as she starts to believe that they’re finally settling down and becoming bearable.

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