Sunday, August 1, 2021

What I’m Watching: The End

The End: Season 1, Episode 5 “To Be / Not to Be” (B+)

There are a few things that happened in this episode that I don’t think I expected. We didn’t get to see any of Edie’s life before her husband died but there was obviously a lot of resentment there, and now she was surprisingly open to the idea of a new romance with a man who danced with her. The list she was making with pros and cons of staying alive was indicative of the particular person that she is and how she’s blunt and resolute about everything she thinks or does, and I enjoyed that “winning” was what she put down after she successfully booted the treasurer of the committee whose existence didn’t impress Pamela at all. Kate sleeping with Josh made more sense given the awkward recounting of the sex dream that he had about her when his wife was still alive, which was a blessing of sorts, and it definitely complicates matters a lot more for Kate. She wasn’t happy at all to have a new supervisor at work carefully watching her to make sure she didn’t screw up, and the discomfort was addressed right away in a manner that didn’t make things any better. The most compelling part of this episode for me was Art, who was now in a place where he was no longer caring for himself but had to share a space with a woman who thought he was a rapist and was crying out quite a bit. It was a disconcerting experience and one that shows that any type of change, particularly one that acknowledges the ability to care for oneself, can be quite difficult.

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