Friday, July 18, 2008

Emmy Nominees: Best Directing/Writing for a Comedy Series

My predictions: 3/6 for directing, 3/5 for writing

The three expected episodes in both categories were The Office (Dinner Party), Pushing Daisies (Pie-lette), and 30 Rock (Rosemary’s Baby). The second The Office episode in directing was “Money” rather than “Fun Run” while 30 Rock’s second installment recognized for writing was “Cooter” instead of “Greenzo”. Added to both lists was the pleasant addition of Flight of the Conchords, with “Sally Returns” up for directing and “Yoko” up for writing. Also recognized for directing: the “No Cannes Do” episode of Entourage. Overall, a fine list in both categories highlighting some excellent comedic achievements this year. Much more solid than the drama contenders, and it shows which shows are truly the best in comedy, omitting stuff like “Two and a Half Men”.

Who should win? Either “Rosemary’s Baby” or “Dinner Party”
Who will win? I think “Pie-lette” will pick up directing, while “Dinner Party” may snag writing

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