Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice (Winter Premiere)

Burn Notice: Season 3, Episode 10 “A Dark Road” (B+)

It’s always good to have Michael Westen back, especially when he’s facing an unknown, faceless enemy, and honestly, when is he not? In this case, things are still booting up again, and that’s all good and fine since he always finds something to do to keep him busy. Fortunately, Fiona has friends of her own who she can call clients, and now that she’s permanently stranded in the United States, she’s going to need to cozy up to Michael again so that she doesn’t run out of things to do with herself. The real nice surprise of this episode is that Madeline gets to play a starring role once again. Earlier this season when she interrogated a suspect in her own very individualized way, it was wonderfully entertaining. In this case, it’s perhaps a bit more serious, but it’s just as effective and good. Sharon Gless’ “Cagney and Lacey” costar Tyne Daly comes aboard for an episode as a crucial piece of the case which Sam deems himself unfits for and therefore leads Michael to suggest that Madeline should befriend her and encourage her to spill the beans and show her the files. Michael’s frustration at her inability to put a reasonable distance in between herself and the woman she manipulated was interesting to see, and it was fascinating to hear Madeline and Michael talk about his line of work and how hard he actually finds it to separate himself from what he has to do on a regular basis.


Greg Boyd said...

Agreed. Good episode. Next week's looks better, though.

By the way, have you ever watched "Friday Night Lights". I'm about a third of the way though season 1, and it's very good. A little too soap opera-ish, but still good.

Movies with Abe said...

I didn't really like the premiere of FNL, certainly not as much as the 2004 film, and therefore I never got into it. Friends have recommended it to me, but I'm in no rush to catch up because I have enough shows on my plate and I'm not terribly into sports. Glad you're enjoying it, though. Always really fun to find a new show that you love (or like, in this case, as it appears).