Monday, January 25, 2010

What I’m Watching: Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty: Season 4, Episode 12 “Blackout!” (B+)

Usually episodes like this signal a stalling or treading of water for TV shows, but this one actually makes sense and drives the plot forward in a major way. While the initial device of Betty letting strangers into her apartment building and then having them rob her neighbors was a bit annoying only because it once again saddles Betty with the unquestionable fault for something when all she thought she was doing was a good deed, it doesn’t seem all that unrealistic or crazy. Bobby stopping by Ignacio’s house just as he finished watching a scary movie and all the lights went out was great, and Ignacio really gave him quite a beating with that frying pan. It was fun to see them bond, especially as Bobby let loose and Ignacio just listened to it. The most exciting convenient connection that came about as a result of the blackout was Betty’s rhetorical question about Ignacio being with anyone who knew how to pick a lock and the subsequent cut to Bobby explaining to Betty how to get out of the building and making fun of her for being worried about the wires electrocuting her. Another stellar scene was Marc questioning Amanda about where she last left his laptop and her poor attempts to avoid answering his questions by staring blankly right at him. Seeing Marc and Betty team up for the common good of their careers again was nice, and it’s great how things all work out in the end and Wilhelmina promoted Marc even though he didn’t hand in his application just so that she could have him by her side more.

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