Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I’m Watching: Scrubs

Scrubs: Season 9, Episode 6 “Our New Girl-Bro” (C)

In this special January 1st episode, J.D. is finally gone for good but hardly forgotten. The sudden presence of Elliot feels especially like a revolving door of original cast members who can scrub in only when their schedules allow it. Both Turk and Dr. Cox do seem rather bored as the only remaining series regulars from the old guard, and only two of the newbies are really being spotlighted. We haven’t even seen the Australian girl for a couple of weeks now, and #1 doesn’t have much to do other than play second fiddle to Dr. Cox’s maniacal devices. It was good to see Cole finally buckle down and try to take his job seriously, though the ranking of students gimmick seemed all too obviously false from its very inception. Turk moping around and asking J.D. what he was wearing was fairly stupid, and their boyish relationship has become increasingly tiring, even in just the last few episodes. The fact that he ultimately found Denise as his best bud was a nice ending, but the road there was hardly worth it. Dr. Kelso really has no business still being around, and he’s clearly only still there because Ken Jenkins happened to be free and able to star on the show. Elliot’s return is obnoxious mostly because she used to be just like Lucy, and having her hide all that and try to be mature makes the character much less interesting. The only truly positive moment of her interaction with Lucy was when she told her to make her seem less crazy, and Lucy revealed that she had run out of underwear and was wearing her bathing suit underneath. That’s totally something Elliot would have done.

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