Friday, January 8, 2010

What I’m Watching: Scrubs

Scrubs: Season 9, Episodes 7 & 8 “Our White Coats” & “Our Couples” (C+)

This two-punch of episodes was much stronger than last week’s episode, and certainly more entertaining. The problem still lies with the inability to appropriately accommodate the remaining series regulars and to define them in a compelling way. The fact that Turk was on the phone with J.D. testing out jokes is somewhat funny, but it’s a smidge over the top. There doesn’t need to be a constant reminder that J.D. once worked at Sacred Heart. Additionally, Elliot is such a changed character from when she first worked on the show, and having her be the mentor who tries to doll Denise up doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The new characters, on the other hand, are doing better now than they were before, and that’s the brightest hope for the future of the show. Extrapolating some meaning from the previously purely physical relationship between Lucy and Cole is a nice move, and it’s good to see Cole given some more depth. The study group is a great way of incorporating “lost” newbie Maya, who’s been rather absent recently. The relationship and dynamic between Drew and Denise is shaping up to be rather entertaining, and that’s certainly a good thing. Pairing everyone off, even Maya and the final member of the study group, is a fun idea but it shouldn’t go as far as Turk and Dr. Cox. They’re not a couple, and if Turk is going to be associated romantically in a joking way with anyone, it shouldn’t be Dr. Cox. Their inane competitions are somewhat amusing but not really fitting for them. Drew’s secret is finally out there, and his acceptance of it should put that to bed and allow him to move on and have a far more exciting and fulfilling med school career from here on out.

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