Friday, January 29, 2010

What I’m Watching: NCIS

NCIS: Season 7, Episode 13 “Jetlag” (B+)

This episode is particularly fun for a number of reasons. For starters, getting some of the agents out of the office is nice. Teaming Tony and Ziva up together is fantastic, and setting the action aboard a plane automatically amps it up a few notches. It’s also fabulously reminiscent of the first episode of this show, albeit with a smaller plane containing considerably less prestigious passengers. While things weren’t quite as unhinged and awesome as they were last week on “Human Target,” the unfolding of the plot was still great fun. The very diverse charms of Tony and Ziva, as noted by the passenger they were protecting, were perfect in this situation and great complements to each other. Contaminating her pillow with peanuts was quite the clever way to try and off her, and I really do enjoy the commonly-used trope of having two assassins aboard a plane, the first being a large, intimidating male, and the second being an assuming female flight attendant. Alas, it’s still fun every time, especially when Tony and Ziva have to start communicating secretly in their somewhat flirtatious way. It’s been a while since they last went on a mission together and ended up in the same bed, and I really like how they were being grilled about why nothing had ever happened between them. Ending the episode with a shot of Tony’s favorite picture, starring a very beautiful Ziva, was a fantastic way to reiterate that something eventually has to happen between the two of them, but it’s going to remain a tease for now, and that’s fine.

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