Sunday, April 24, 2011

Take Three: Breaking In

Breaking In: Season 1, Episode 3 “Need for Speed” (B-)

It seems to me that Bret Harrison always plays the same part, no matter the show. He’s making a fool of himself as usual and lusting after a girl he could never hope to get because she’s blindly in love with a loser boyfriend. Even more so than in the past, his secret crush isn’t all that secret, to the point that everyone except for Melanie and Dutch is completely aware of his affection for her. I’m rather impressed by the somewhat surprising promotion given in this episode, making Dutch into a regular player by adding him as a regular team member. I’m completely entertained by Michael Rosenbaum, and I like the idea of having him on the show in a bigger role, even if I’m not so committed to sticking with it yet. I liked his line, “My favorite guy on the planet, right after the guy who invented boobs.” I also like the notion of Dutch as a character able to interact with Cameron on a level separate from the relationship of both men to Melanie. I don’t really understand why Cameron felt the need to help Dutch and Melanie get back together, but it did provide a pretty nice scene. Cash’s conflict with the super-brained computer is nothing wholly original, as was the reveal that it was Oz who was messing with him, but it’s still a good usage of an otherwise uncontrollable character who often just serves as a loud distraction and a nuisance to Cameron.

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