Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Killing

The Killing: Season 1, Episode 4 “A Soundless Echo” (B-)

I’m pleased to report that I found this episode to be a notch more engaging than the previous installments. It still hasn’t reached that point where superb quality becomes evident, as was the case early on in the runs of fellow AMC shows “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.” I’m not ready to give up yet since I now do find myself decently interested in finding out exactly what’s going on with all the people who might have been involved in whatever way in Rosie’s murder. It’s not as easy to keep track of the various boys in Rosie’s life as it was with Laura Palmer’s men on “Twin Peaks,” a show of which I am constantly reminded when watching this series. The Larsen parents seeing the photos of their daughter by accident was definitely not good, and providing the most powerful moment for those parents that I’ve seen thus far. Continuing the trend of some big revelation at the end of each episode, we’re now privy to the knowledge that Bennett may have been involved somehow in her death, making his bonding with Mitch all the more intriguing. Sarah’s visit with her husband-to-be on the boat was somewhat alarmingly peaceful, quiet and away from everything. Her interactions with her new partner continue to be less productive as articulated by him when he expresses his frustration that she never shares her intel with him. The basketball meeting between the candidates was quite interesting, and I’m curious about the addition of Alan Dale as a senator and Gwen’s father.

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