Sunday, April 17, 2011

What I’m Watching: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation: Season 3, Episode 9 “Fancy Party” (B+)

Leave it to this show to have two characters get spontaneously married, have it go off without a hitch, and not seem forced! The wedding, as it turns out, was sort of wonderful, with the dramatic playing of Simon & Garfunkel actually creating a surprisingly touching scene with a beaming April going to marry a man who doesn’t understand that you only have one best man, and who thought that she might be pregnant or dying when she sarcastically said so to Leslie. The dinner party, sort of like an Xbox pancake, was a roaring success, and I loved how April and Andy invited everyone and asked them to bring everything. Chris’ contribution of a vegetable loaf instead of a cake, quite upsetting Ron, was terrific. Chris talking to the creepy guy and scaring him away with his optimism was a priceless scene that could only happen on this show. Ron had some great moments in this episode, including the removal of his tooth with pliers and his instant tutorial about burning an ex-wife effigy. Leslie’s concern about April and Andy was sweet, and it was nice to have Ben’s potential departure worked into the same event. I liked her awkward handshake with him after refusing to tlel him what to do, and it’s really great that he’s staying. The interactions between Donna and Ann work very well, mostly because Donna is so mean to her, and I’m personally enjoying the way Ann is being used even if others aren’t so impressed. I’m also very glad she didn’t try to disrupt Andy’s wedding. This show rocks.


Greg Boyd said...
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Greg Boyd said...

I loved, loved, loved this episode. The way it subverted so many sitcom wedding cliches in a way that felt natural and true to the characters was superb. It was sweet, hilarious, and altogether perfect.

And I am one of the people who's been a bit bothered (not much, but some) by the marginalization of Ann this season, but I thought she was used just perfectly in this episode. And Donna is still a bit player, but she's hilarious in her limited screen time.

Darn it, NBC, for holding this show back till mid-season. You realize there are only seven more episodes this season? Thankfully it got renewed, so we'll have plenty more "Parks and Rec" goodness come fall.

P.S. That deleted comment was mine, if you're wondering. I realized I made a few errors in my original comment, which bugs me.

Movies with Abe said...

No worries; your comments are always appreciated. This show really is great, and I saw that you really loved this one. I always enjoy it.