Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 7, Episode 21 “Michael’s Last Dundies” (B+)

Though Steve Carrell’s impending departure has been trumpeted for what feels like ages, it makes sense that he has to be transitioned out of the show, and that he needs to pay tribute to the things for which he has become most famous over the past seven years. The Dundies are always an awkward ceremony, and there was something different about this year’s awards and their presentation. As evidenced by the amusing goodbye song sung by everyone at the office in the conference room at the end of the episode, people are starting to realize that they’re actually going to miss Michael. Deangelo may be able to get more done and may have a similarly fun-oriented spirit, but he isn’t able to speak in front of people when he’s not at a meeting without a helpful hook-up from Michael inspired by “The King’s Speech.” As far as the awards themselves go, I was surprised that Jim won the Best Dad honor and not Darryl, and Meredith’s coronation as Best Mom seemed to upset Pam quite a bit, and the moment was played out perfectly. Ryan getting up and then sitting right back down when the Hottest in the Office award was presented was funny. Michael’s video where he posed as a number of people in the office was entertaining if not entirely on target, and the tribute song to Michael was enjoyable. Michael doesn’t have much time left, but it’s nice to see his greatest accomplishments celebrated and honored one last time.


Greg Boyd said...

Deangelo continues to be a fairly awful character in my book, but the rest of the episode was really nice. Still not as good as the "Parks and Rec" episode that followed, though. Not even close, actually.

Richter Scale said...

This was one of my favorite episodes in a while. I'm a huge fan of the original Dundies episode back in Season 2, so it's such a deight to see Michael do one last ceremony before he leaves, and as ridiculous as that Rent-inspired song may have been, it was so Michael that it seemed to really fit (especially as a showing of appreciation for this man). If I have one wish for he Emmys this year it's for Steve Carrell to win tis year (if not for this season, then for giving us this endearing, if smetimes irritating manchild of a boss).