Friday, April 1, 2011

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 2, Episode 19 “Taking the Leap” (B+)

Especially on a relatively light-hearted show like this, the less pretty and neat resolutions sting all the more. Kristina coming around to Adam’s point of view about what might be best for Max’s education was a positive ending for that chapter of the story, and therefore not seeing Crosby get his girl is very jarring. Watching him recall wonderful memories as he prepares to celebrate All About Jabbar Week was sweet, and his story about how he met Jasmine was particularly touching. It’s a shame that she’s unwilling to forgive him since he really tried so hard to earn it from her after making such a huge mistake. Kristina seeing Gaby again was relatively unexpected, and it’s good that at least they are able to get along. Joel’s inability to deposit into a cup was amusing, as was Julia’s attempt at phone sex, and I’m hopeful that her latest discovery isn’t going to hamper or bring down such a great character. Amber going to work for Julia was a fun plotline, and it’s too bad that she’s so quickly deteriorated following the news that she didn’t get into any colleges. I hope that there’s something interesting for her to head at this point since she’s really a terrific character who deserves to be spotlighted much more than she is. Sarah should have intriguing places to go now, especially with a partner like the wacky play producer with a suspicious past played by Richard Dreyfuss. Zeek’s enthusiasm for her play and for starring in it should also prove entertaining.

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