Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I’m Watching: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Season 4, Episode 3 (B-)

It’s tough to watch a show after things have been changed for the worse and it doesn’t seem like it will ever be possible to get back to the way things were. This happened with “The L Word” when it started its third season, and for the next three years, it couldn’t hope to recapture the same quality it had before that. This show isn’t quite there yet, but I’m still disappointed every time I see this new Belle with a giant ego and a sarcastic mean streak that she never used to have. The introduction of this police officer interested in romancing Belle is decently intriguing, but it seems as if he just came out of nowhere and is inserting himself into Belle’s life in a way that she would not deem acceptable, making her lack of protest all the more puzzling. The discovery of her mother’s true business by Poppy was something that was going to have to happen eventually, but did Belle need to be so careless about it? She had escorts coming by the house and discussing business with whoever answered the door, had photographers coming by to hand-deliver seductive pictures, and went by her escort name rather than her real name. The acting Lily James as Poppy, however, was quite strong, and that counts for something. It’s nice to have one bright spot on an otherwise (currently) unimpressive show, and I do hope that her latest realization doesn’t mean an imminent departure for her from the show.

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