Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 2, Episode 11 “Full Commitment” (B+)

There’s little more entertaining than watching Raylan try to duck his assigned protection duty over the course of an episode. Few people can pull off a charming expression of purposeful intent to defy rules like Timothy Olyphant and his already-classic character Raylan Givens. The scene in the convenience store was particularly clever and enjoyable, and this caper episode should be termed an enormous success. It’s not much of a surprise that Gary once again had gotten in over his head and was having his strings pulled without having any idea. Seeing Gary’s joy about having Winona back at home, even under such extenuating circumstances, was a throwback to another, earlier last season when it actually appeared like Raylan might not be the one to end up with his ex-wife. The constant touching between Raylan and Winona, however, indicates that such is no longer the case. Speaking of romances from last season, it’s clear also that Ava has moved on from the lawman and is now fully committed to another Crowder. It’s great to have her showcased as Boyd’s leading lady, and so interesting to see her interact with Helen to discuss the code of honor among the wives of these lifelong bad guys. Unfortunately, Helen may not be long for this world as the latest blaze of glory may have just taken out one of the only people Raylan genuinely cares about and set off an entirely new firestorm that will play out as the season winds down in the coming weeks.

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