Friday, April 8, 2011

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 2, Episode 20 “New Plan” (B+)

This episode presents an interesting mix of people in crisis and other people creating crisis because one doesn’t already exist. As far as the latter is concerned, take Adam and Kristina, who have now come to terms with the fact that their daughter is allowed to date a 19-year-old recovering alcoholic, and they get themselves all worked up over the idea of Haddie having sex, based mainly on the rather lewd actions taken by Adam on his prom night. It’s not that their concerns aren’t valid, more so that things are so much more peaceful and civilized than they were just a few episodes ago when Haddie was living away from home and seeing Alex without her parents’ approval. Unfortunately, Haddie’s happiness means that other characters have to be in turmoil, such as Amber, whose academic future is inadvertently revealed to her mother and then causes her such distress when she explains her plans to a fellow student at prom. I’m not sure exactly where Sarah’s playwriting career is headed, since Gilliam is already proving himself to be way too crazy to be able to actually work with a sane human being. Crosby’s current state is rather saddening, and it’s nice that Adam eventually does come through to support his brother in his time of need. It’s not entirely necessary for the purposes of the show for Jasmine or even Crosby to be permanently around, and therefore I’m a bit worried about how things might turn out for the former boat owner.

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