Friday, April 22, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Chicago Code

The Chicago Code: Season 1, Episode 9 “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” (B+)

This show continues to impress me with its demonstration of staying power by offering up one of its strongest episodes yet without even mentioning or hinting at Alderman Gibbons. Having the mayor, played by the always oily and reliable John Heard, publicly announce that he would replace Theresa if she didn’t prove herself to be effective on the eve of a union vote on whether or not to impeach her was an intense motivator for the episode, and tying in the plot involving the sister in charge of a bunch of gang members was very interesting. I enjoyed seeing a bit of opinion from Caleb about the superintendent, something which he hasn’t expressed before, and it was clearly an opinion because it got him booted from Wysocki’s car. I particularly liked the ending scene with Theresa’s discussion with Wysocki about why they weren’t still partners, and it’s nice to have some humor after such a heavy hour. The subplot involving Isaac and Vonda was rather serious as well, and it provided a harrowing look at the occasional unforeseen implications of police work. It’s not a surprise that Shawn Ryan cast his wife Cathy Cahlin Ryan, who played Corinne Mackey on “The Shield,” as the cutthroat lawyer assigned to Isaac’s case, but what’s more impressive is that she actually did a spectacular job. That speech at the car towards the end of the episode was quite cruel and powerful, and just one more indication that this show can be above average.

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