Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 2, Episode 18 “Killer Song” (B+)

This show seems to do a very good job of alternating less serious civil or criminal cases with those related to intense, violent murders. The traditional incorporation of technology into this series is in full force in this episode, as the villain’s song proves helpful in discovering additional previous crimes thanks to his lyrics. The repeated shots of the iTunes window on the computer were relatively haunting, and it’s always nice to see a seedy bad guy, especially one with a creepy obsession with Alicia, not actually get off scot-free as it appeared he might. Will getting excited about tricking him into confessing to another crime was a great moment, and Cary coming in to arrest him for the other crime once he thought he was free and clear was a smooth move. Kalinda panicking and going to talk to Peter showed us a new, far less composed side of her than we’ve seen even in previous weeks. Cary’s managing to almost get himself into serious trouble by prying into Kalinda’s business at his office, and it turns out that Peter is more than capable of exerting his influence when it’s needed. It’s equally impressive to see both Eli and Diane in action, managing to sway opinions with nothing more than their presence. It was a real treat to see Eli’s daughter twice in the episode, watching TV in his office and talking about how America sucks. Eli asking Diane to have Lockhart-Gardner help Natalie makes for a very intriguing storyline, and I’m glad to see that his timing couldn’t have been any better.


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