Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 2, Episode 7 “Save My Love” (B+)

This episode was rather unique in that it put Raylan in an interesting, unprecedented situation and also continually set its protagonists back each and every time they thought they had caught a break. While Stephen Root’s over-the-top judge seemed a bit (in)conveniently insistent, the episode pulled through by offering an intriguing twist in the bomb threat. Raylan’s ability to switch gears instantly and focus on something completely different never fails to amaze me, and seeing him keep his cool while Winona freaked out about her gym bag a bit too obviously made this episode all the more believable and effective. Art’s witty commentary and way of replying sarcastically to all of Raylan’s questions and statements is always hilarious, and I also enjoyed the way Raylan said “the man belonging to that rifle.” The family members saying they didn’t make any bomb threat before even being told about the bomb threat was quite entertaining in its stupidity. I’m thrilled at the new way in which Boyd is involved in all of this. I am beyond ecstatic to see Rebecca Creskoff from HBO’s “Hung” with a role tailored to perfection for her as Boyd’s new employer. The sight of a stiff Boyd in a suit giving Raylan a blank stare while he checks the room for explosive devices was great, and Boyd offering to show Raylan where he would hide explosives was priceless. The end revelation that Boyd’s new assignment is to take care of the Bennett family is awesome because it connects pretty much everything that’s been going on this season so far in the most exciting and intense of ways.

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Unknown said...

I thought this one deserved atleast an A-. This show continues to impress me every week. Art's humorous comments about Geraldo's big reveal along are an A.