Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I’m Watching: Justified

Justified: Season 2, Episode 4 “For Blood or Money” (B+)

Seriously, how good is this show? I’m so glad that we’re only four episodes in because I really want to experience more of this show since it’s so entirely terrific. What’s especially great, and unique, about this episode is the incorporation of a character that to this point hasn’t had all that much to do. After a brief comment about feeling uncomfortable about the color of her skin around a certain crowd a few episodes back, Rachel gets to step into the limelight as her brother-in-law manages to beat up and tie up just about every friend he ever had on the way to trying to see his son and give him a birthday present. Playing Clinton we have an actor on loan from another FX show, Larenz Tate of “Rescue Me,” trading in his humorous niceties for a very violent man trying to do the right thing and just not going about it the right way. I love how the law works in a small and contained place like this, where Rachel and Raylan can just decide that Clinton is allowed to see his son before getting carted off to jail. All of the supporting plotlines, such as the deadly Bennett family and the Winona’s seeming susceptibility to the charms of Gary, are just waiting to explode, and it’s definitely a good thing that there’s so much ready to bubble to the surface while we have specific episodic cases to entertain and enthrall us in the meantime each week.

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