Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 7, Episode 19 “Garage Sale” (A-)

This episode was a whole lot of fun, and a reassuring sign that maybe the best this show has to offer isn’t entirely behind us. The lead-up to Michael’s proposal was very funny, and I like how Pam, Jim, Oscar, and Ryan were the people selected for Michael’s advisory committee. Oscar’s advice of “If you’re in costume, you’ve done something wrong” was particularly priceless. Reliving the Jim-Pam proposal was amusing, especially when Michael mocked Jim for its apparent stupidity and Pam found it very sweet that Jim was scared. This episode’s proposal actually had me smiling uncontrollably, starting with everyone holding a candle and asking Holly to marry them (with colorful commentary from Michael about each proposer) and Holly unable to close her mouth because she’s so awed. Michael’s delivery of “this is where I fell in love with you, and this is where I ask you to marry me” was perfect, as was the timing of the sprinklers and her answering in Yoda voice. The way Michael broke the news about the fact that he’s going to move to Colorado with Holly was also exceptionally well-done, catching everyone – including Jim – off-guard and setting up the highly publicized events of the next few episodes. The garage sale had its memorable moments as well, such as Kevin’s long con involving getting very upset about Darryl and Andy not adhering to the rules, only to reveal that he was actually the one who took the money. Jim tricking Dwight into thinking that he had magical legumes just to take his telescope was inspired, but the real winner is Ryan, who made pesto and salsa with Phyllis and Oscar’s faces on them and advertised that they were Kosher, as in, “yeah, it’s cool, it’s Kosher.”

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Greg Boyd said...

I thought you'd love this one. Terrific episode, although I still liked both "PDA" and "Classy Christmas" better.