Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Event

The Event: Season 1, Episode 13 “Turnabout” (F)

This show has reached such a full point of incoherence that it’s hard to decipher where we currently are and how we got here. It’s also hard to pick the show’s most boneheaded character, but I’d wager that, aside from Sean, it has to be President Martinez. Maybe it’s too little, too late, but Sophia is risking her security and livelihood to keep him informed every step of the way, treating him as nothing other than an ally. Yet he insists on not trusting her, deciding that now is the perfect time to step up to the plate and approve deadly violence, if for no other reason than to complicate the plot. Maybe it was that episode-opening dream which featured some fairly ridiculous hallucinations on Martinez’s part. The casting of Roger Bart as one of the President’s advisors feels especially strange since he seems to be delivering some of his dialogue in a comic manner now, as one would expect from him, which makes his initial casting all the more suspect. No one on this show has any notion of discretion or secrecy, hence the stupidity of Leila happening to overhear clandestine conversation. Vicky’s increasing paranoia isn’t unwise, but why would she go shopping for baby supplies in public at her local supermarket if she thought her life might be at risk? Hopefully Sean’s latest quest for the truth will be more fruitful and less annoying than his last one, and not having Leila to drag him down should help him to actually accomplish something for once.

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