Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I’m Watching: Californication

Californication: Season 4, Episode 9 “Another Perfect Day” (B+)

Hello, perfect title! It never gets old seeing Hank experience the bliss of being back in the lives of the two women he most cares about, and it’s absolutely intoxicating as always. It's tragic, of course, because we know that it can never quite last, yet it's still wonderful to see it happen, and especially to see Karen look worried about what's going to happen to Hank. Becca's car crash provides us a good opportunity to see Ben lose his cool and Karen snap to the defense of her daughter and - to some extent – Hank. I’m eager to say Hank’s trial go down and return to some of his past actions and, more importantly, sentiments on the parts of the people who care about him. The situation with our buddy Charlie continues to get crazier in bed, but that’s no surprise. What’s a bit more unexpected is her reaction when she finds out that Marcy is pregnant and sees the look on Charlie’s face. Those two have always been an unwieldy couple with an uncertain future, and I’m hopeful that, by the time we’ve reached the season finale in a mere three weeks, they’ll have decided to get back together and give parenthood a shot. Fortunately, this show was renewed for a fifth season back in January, so we can look forward to more of favorite characters minus some of this season’s more memorable guest stars, like Sasha, Stu, and Abby. Ben’s another story, and we’ll have to see if he makes the cut.

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