Sunday, March 6, 2011

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 2, Episode 18 “Qualities and Difficulties” (B+)

This episode got off to a powerful start with a direct continuation from last week with Adam and Kristina explaining to Max what Asperger’s is and Kristina breaking down while he reacts nonchalantly to the news. Their subsequent meeting with Dr. Pelickan also proved affecting, as the two parents didn’t want to be told to give the token script to tell their child about his condition. Adam taking Max to a roller park instead of school felt like a moment right out of “Six Feet Under,” with a usually by-the-books character deciding to live for the moment, and sadly it did all come crashing down when Max freaked out on the ride when it didn’t start going as it was supposed to do. When it comes to sticky situations, there is no one better than Jasmine to look truly furious and intimidate the hell out of Crosby, though it’s good that he isn’t backing down and continues to try to win her back. The sweetest and most unexpected moment of the episode comes from Joel, who is prompted by Crosby’s infidelity to assure Julia that he’ll never cheat on her. Seeing Jason Ritter’s Mark again was a nice treat, and him scaring Sarah and making her scream proved entertaining. In the category of random guest stars, we have Jim O’Heir, best known as the hapless and much-maligned Jerry on “Parks and Recreation,” as the man interviewing Sarah for the manager position that it definitely would not make any financial sense for her to occupy.

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