Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I’m Watching: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation: Season 3, Episode 6 “Indianapolis” (B+)

How is this show so good? In this episode we have some great pairings and some truly terrific plot developments. I enjoy everyone’s attempts to get Ben to be less of a bore by mocking him, and it’s fun to see him function at the Snake Hole lounge. Andy and April are totally disproving the adage that courting is better than dating, as Andy’s comment about not being able to pay for her leads them to pose as employees and steal tips from the truthful employees of the club, only to decide that they should donate everything back rather than keep it for themselves. A cranky Ron is the best kind of Ron, especially when it has something to do with meat. His horror at seeing the Portobello mushrooms on Chris’ grill was hilarious, as was his delivery of the serious difference between getting a lot of bacon and eggs and all of the bacon and eggs that the restaurant had. Discovering that Chris had already broken up with Ann was a huge shock, but it’s really quite humorous to dissect it and realize how he did in fact let her down easy and she just didn’t pick up on it. All in all, however, it comes back to the friendship between Leslie and Ann. Instead of say something stupid or let Ann wallow in self-pity, Leslie immediately starts regaling her with over-the-top stories of her worst breakups, proving herself to be a true best friend. Watching the show’s first episode, who would have ever expected that to happen, and for it to feel so organic and believable?

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