Friday, March 11, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Event

The Event: Season 1, Episodes 11 & 12 “And Then There Were More” & “Inostranka” (F/D-)

Trading in one terrible NBC supernatural show for another means that we’re done with “The Cape” and back to this jumbled show about some aliens trying to take over that aren’t known as Visitors. I’ve never found this show to be another remotely resembling good, save for that awesome moment in the pilot when the plane disappeared. One strong scene in twelve episodes does not a great show make. I will concede that the second of these two episodes was a notch more enjoyable than the first, if only because it was somewhat action-packed and featured some serious subordination from Sterling. Many have compared this show and its trajectory to “Flash Forward,” but besides the fact that that show was always superior, its two-hour spring premiere was far more invigorating and indicative of quality not seen for the pilot. This two-hour mess isn’t. Sean’s logic that the van they were tailing must be the one because it’s the right color is an instance of the stupid writing – how about the fact that it’s a van driving in the middle of nowhere? That’s probably enough to create suspicion. Sean’s newly-imposed exile just leaves him free to stir up senseless trouble for no reason, and the fact that Hal Holbrook has a “Heroes” physical visual timeline only spells boredom and stupidity coming soon. This Alaskan senator came from out of nowhere, and that whole plotline isn’t anywhere near as enthralling as it should be. The ratings for this return were horrendous, and here’s hoping we never have to get “Chuck” preempted again for this nonsense.

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