Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I’m Watching: V

V: Season 2, Episode 8 “Uneasy Lies the Head” (B+)

For a show that doesn’t have a problem showing some rather disturbing visual content, there’s nothing quite like a person just up and spontaneously bleeding to death to top nearly everything that came before it. It’s extremely intriguing to see the new way that this Fifth Column fight is being framed, especially as seen through the eyes of Erica and Jack. With only two episodes left in this season and the future beyond that uncertain, it makes a lot of sense that the action on this show would be getting more intense at this point, and this show could certainly go out with a bang either way, if it gets cancelled or receives a third season renewal. The moment that most excited me was when Diana asked Lisa to go tell someone on the ship that she was still alive and, as I predicted, it was Marcus. He’s easily one of my favorite characters on the show, and having not seen him for a few weeks makes his return all the more fantastic. I wasn’t sure about Ryan’s continued relevance, but the notion of having a major alliance with a whole bunch of Fifth Column-loyal players – Diana, Marcus, Lisa, Joshua, Ryan, and the actual members of the Fifth Column – makes the possibilities for the next two episodes truly intriguing. Having folks like Jack back on the home front questioning the ethical nature of their actions just makes everything considerably more layered, complicated, and truly compelling, transforming this often-fledgling show into awesome television.

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