Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I’m Watching: Smallville

Smallville: Season 10, Episode 16 “Scion” (C)

At least this episode, compared to the ones that have led up to it, has a purpose. This bizarre Lex-clone, who apparently has some of Clark’s DNA, has somehow transformed himself from one of this season’s villains to one of its heroes, just as susceptible as Clark to the influences of Red Kryptonite. I’m still fuzzy on how exactly this all came to be, especially considering how far away the show had gotten itself from the Luthor family, but this episode was a sign that things are headed in the right direction. John Glover was the one of the strongest actors ever to grace this show with his presence, and having him back again to chew scenery like he means it is always a treat. I will stay argue that, for some reason, this show has some of the more horrendous and unbearable dialogue, and it came out in this episode more than it has in a few weeks (maybe that’s because the storyline wasn’t quite as stupid this time around). The need to have every line be filled with sarcasm, self-reference, or cleverness is nauseating, and Lionel is saddled with almost as many of those terrible one-liners as Chloe and Lois combined. What is good, however, is that the show is returning to this notion of what it means to be a hero. At this point, we’re taking a five-week break and then the show returns for its final five episodes (I think I’m actually excited!) on April 15th. Let’s hope that the time off makes way for some truly exceptional, or at the very least enthralling, television worthy of the Man of Steel.


Greg Boyd said...

I can't decide whether you're extremely dedicated or completely crazy for sticking with this show. I looked up your archived reviews, and apparently it hasn't been good since season 2.

And here I am preparing to drop "The Office" after only two seasons that haven't really been "bad"... just not all that good compared to previous years. I guess I'm not as loyal as you.

Greg Boyd said...

After the end of this year, I mean. I'm sticking around for Carrell's send-off.

Movies with Abe said...

I like to think that I'm a bit of both! Completely crazy for sure, and I suppose equally dedicated. Season six was okay, and there were maybe ten good episodes along the way. People have a right to give up any show after any number of seasons, or even episodes, that have been bad. I'm just not as ready to let stuff go. Although I did turn off both "Mr. Sunshine" and "Fairly Legal" in the middle of the episodes two weeks ago. I'm done with both after less than half a season!