Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 7, Episode 18 “Todd Packer” (B+)

I had seen the title of this episode a few weeks ago and I was somewhat concerned, since the rather over-the-top character of Todd Packer often brings out the worst in Michael Scott. Yet this episode demonstrated that the boss is coming to the close of his arc in a truly impressive way: actually developing such maturity. It makes perfect sense that a negative comment from his former best friend about the love of his life would get him to make up his mind and side with the right person. Michael is always most compelling in those serious moments, when he doesn’t react big and makes a silent realization that leads him to abruptly change his behavior. Packer didn’t add anything to the show other than showing that maybe Michael isn’t the most offensive guy in the world, and it’s good that he was used for some positive purpose before being written out. It was fantastic to see Jim actually enlisting Dwight as an ally in order to exorcize the greater of two evils. It’s fun to see Dwight’s reaction to Jim’s outlining of the plans, and Jim’s need to prank Dwight in the midst of their combined efforts in order to teach him a lesson. Pam’s new role as office administrator is certainly presenting its share of complications, and I enjoy her attitude going into all of it. The negotiation scene between her and Darryl in the kitchen was very well done, and I liked her final extremely excited comment about being extremely corrupt.

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