Friday, March 18, 2011

What I’m Watching: Glee

Glee: Season 2, Episode 16 “Original Song” (C+)

Are we at Regionals already? It definitely seems like things are moving forward at a starkly different pace this season, with milestones like this victory hardly seeming to matter in the grand scheme of things since there’s so much else going on, and they’ve already had their chance to show up and show off their best at these competitions. The announcement of their win and advancement to Nationals is almost inconsequential, and it’s evident in the way that the show barely showcases it as a major moment. What’s far more important, and groundbreaking for this episode, is the fact that Blaine finally steps up to the plate and reveals his feelings for Kurt. I’m impressed that the kiss between them wasn’t censored or toned down in the slightest sense, and it’s braver than what most things I’ve seen done on network television anytime recently. What’s not quite as believable, however, is the fact that no other Warbler would be remotely interested in dueting with Blaine, and that they bought Kurt’s faux-shock at being selected as his accompanist. The gimmick of having the glee club members pen their own songs only works so well because half of them either fall flat or feel like rehashes of past performances. Sue bullying the students is both inconsistent and unnecessary, and her character can and should be used in far better ways. I did like Quinn’s entertaining, rather self-centered narration, and I think that’s a device that could be used more often to greater effect.

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