Thursday, April 17, 2014

Round Two: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Cap Table” (B)

I’m still not enthralled by this show, but I definitely think that this second episode showed more promise and delivered on its concept. That initial meeting with Peter Gregory in which he completely took apart Richard’s lack of business preparation was terrific, and it provides a true snapshot of just how over his head he is. Erlich being present was a superb distraction, and his obsession with getting credit for being the owner of the incubator home greatly overpowers any actual positive contribution he might otherwise be able to make. I’m glad that Zach Woods’ Jared jumped ship and came to help work with Richard to beef up his strategy. He’s a truly non-threatening entity, one so polite that he wouldn’t even use the bathroom without asking permission, though obviously Richard’s roommates, particularly Erlich, don’t view him that way. Richard and Jared interviewing each of the members of the incubator was a smart device that helped to introduce each of them more fully, as Dinesh and Gilfoyle badmouthed each other and emphasized Big Head’s worthlessness, while he didn’t do a particularly good job selling himself. I think that both Kumail Nanjiani and Martin Starr were perfectly cast, as was Woods, and I’m glad to see that they found such fitting roles. Ultimately, of course, it was Big Head who proved himself most loyal, calling Richard to tell him that his algorithm is being repurposed completely just as he realized that the $200,000 check he was trying to cash might not actually be as valid as he had thought.

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