Monday, April 21, 2014

What I’m Watching: Parenthood (Season Finale)

Parenthood: Season 5, Episode 22 “The Pontiac” (B+)

This show always seems to end earlier than all of the rest, but it's been a productive and impactful season. This episode was all about the change taking effect that has been brewing all season. Amber being by Ryan's bedside recalled a lot of their earlier times together, but that all changed when Ryan's monster mom, in the form of the always fabulous Annabeth Gish, arrived to make Amber feel like she was completely worthless. We'll see if that subtly-purchased pregnancy test near the end of the episode will mean anything major for the returning Wyoming resident. Natalie telling Drew she loved him as she boarded the bus to Portland started off what could have been a miserable summer for him, but he managed to help and complain his way to a wonderful prize from his grandfather: a car to drive up to see his girlfriend. Another benefactor of the hard work put into Zeek’s car was Victor, who finally scored a win in the school arena. The family’s day together really was great, and it was sweet that Joel stayed late to tuck Sydney in and simulate what their old life was like when he and Julia were together. Hank staying to be there for Sarah and Amber paid off with a tremendously awesome kiss and Hank’s palpable excitement about his genuine kindness having paid off. Haddie coming home with a girlfriend was big news, and despite some awkward moments, it’s clear that her parents are entirely supportive, and it will be all about who she’s dating and not what gender she is going forward. Adam and Crosby sledding down the stairs as they helped with the move was fun, one last hurrah before a truly big change that will affect things in a major way if the show returns next season. It’s been a great year, and while this would be a fine final episode, I do think the show deserves a sixth season and possibly more after that.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Erika Christensen as Julia

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