Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What I’m Watching: House of Cards

House of Cards: Season 2, Episode 8 “Chapter 21” (B+)

Frank was busy trying to advance himself in this episode, and it worked wonders on one front while failing miserably on another. Cutting Linda out was rude and bordering on cruel, and she managed to offer up her resignation pretty quickly after Walker made it clear that he didn’t value her opinion as much as he did Frank’s. Linda’s parting gift accomplished one big thing, which was to make Frank respect her more than ever before, and now the question will just be who her replacement is. Frank was being awfully pushy with Walker, telling him that he couldn’t know things that might incriminate him, and made the careful distinction to make himself an equal by correcting “Mr. President” to “Garrett.” Claire made great progress with Tricia, who she has fully behind her on her military rape efforts, despite Megan’s inability to perform, and getting them into counseling is another victory that will surely pay off later for the Underwood-Walker relationship. Unfortunately, Frank and Claire’s White House successes made them much more vulnerable to what appears to be front-page news about Claire leaked by Remy and Raymond. Frank tossing the $200 steak at the dog took self-control, and I love that he called up to demand ribs be served on his flight back to the East Coast. Rachel’s newfound romance with her temporary roommate is sure not to last long, and giving Doug some intel likely won’t help in the long run. Remy and Jackie’s relationship continues to be fascinating, as the line between work and play becomes increasingly harder to see.

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