Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I’m Watching: Californication

Californication: Season 7, Episode 3 “Like Father Like Son” (B+)

This definitely is not this show’s strongest season or storyline, but this episode actually was relatively enjoyable, and though it lacked parallel narratives, instead playing out in a very linear fashion, it’s very true to what this show is all about. The first and most unchangeable thing is that, no matter how mad Karen may get, she’s still going to take Hank’s calls and flirt with him over the phone while making him feel better about himself. Hank always manages to find trouble, no matter where he is, and it’s just his luck that the actress auditioning for the part would choose his hand to grab and stick up her dress at the exact moment that Terry walked in. That Rick wouldn’t really care is even more outlandish, but he’s just like Samurai and Atticus in that way, content to marvel at Hank’s ridiculousness, simultaneously impressed and disgusted by it. Levon managed to make an impression pretty quickly as well, showing Rick’s attractive assistant a porn video in response to the viral video that she showed him. Fortunately, his act of stupidity brought out something I hadn’t expected to see in his mother – a personality. Heather Graham’s Julia showed up to smooth over the situation and flirt with Rick a bit, which is certainly going to be damaging to the longevity of both Levon and Hank’s careers. In other news, we didn’t see Marcy in this episode but only heard her referenced, and I think all parties would be happy if Charlie could get over his current state in the very near future.

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