Thursday, April 3, 2014

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 4, Episode 11 “Emily” (B+)

There’s something incredible about this show that it could set the stage for a social worker to stop by to survey the Gallagher house at the exact moment that Lip was encouraging Bonnie’s family to make a ruckus so that they could best alienate Amanda’s parents. Even more fantastic is the fact that the social worker was so moved by Lip’s eagerness to welcome more kids into his home rather than get rid of them that she told him when her next visit was going to be. The big development in this episode was Mickey’s decision to tell the world that he was gay after Svetlana tried to go Ian to leave and he refused to let Mickey come over that night if he didn’t admit to who he was. While the initial reaction was one of disinterest, Terry predictably went berserk. I like that Mickey ended up going free because the cop who arrested him didn’t want to do paperwork that would keep him away from his husband for a few hours. Kev's new peace-loving attitude was amusing as well. In less positive news, Debbie found what seemed to be the perfect guy, a very focused dissecter of animals who was only nice to her because he was Seema’s step-brother and she paid him to get Debbie to take her shirt off so that the whole school could take embarrassing pictures. Things are not going well for Fiona, which is no surprise, and hopefully her ninety-day stint won’t last too long. Emily’s presence while Frank was confusing the people around him was this episode’s dramatic chord, and yet another of Frank outliving everyone around him.

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