Monday, August 2, 2021

What I’m Watching: Blindspotting

Blindspotting: Season 1, Episode 7 “Seannie Darko” (B+)

Sean finally coming to see Miles provided a nice but short-lived reunion, one that came to a rather unpleasant and disturbing close when Miles was pulled away abruptly due to the unrest happening with the couple sitting next to them. The effect on Sean was visible to everyone, though I’m not sure they would have imagined the terrifying hallucination he had of the guard bowling down a bunch of inmates, but at least he was able to recognize that it wasn’t real and snap back to reality. Rainey’s suggestion of marriage to get visitation took a different turn than I had expected, especially given that it came after Janelle posited nude photos, with a way to give Sean time to spend with his father in a setting often reserved for strictly conjugal visits. After Ashley sang Sean to sleep, she had a surprisingly serious interaction with Earl, who emphasized the less humorous nature of him having to constantly be within reach of an extension cord. Cuddie made quite an entrance in his L.O.B.B. uniform, and he immediately impressed an already eager Jacque by complimenting her art. Trish has reached a good place with him too, and she got Carl down from a 60% stake in her new company to 20% within seconds and with no negotiating, so maybe this very niche kink business will actually end up working out. There’s only one episode left in this season and no word yet on a renewal. I would definitely be interested to see more of these characters.

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